Bed & Breakfast

Turn an old mansion into a successful Bed & Breakfast!



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Story driven puzzle game


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Delicious bed and breakfast

A fun combination of building and fixing her own five-star getaway haven!

Join Emily and the rest of the O’Malley family on their heart-warming adventures. Restore and decorate to your taste and get ready to welcome guests from all over the world. Show them around, harvest homegrown goods and cook up seasonal specials in this match-3 game. Get your buiding and fixing game on and reap the fun!
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A fun match-3 building and fixing game

GH Build fix and farm

Build and fix!

Progress in building your desired Bed & Breakfast in awesome match-3 levels.

Heartwarming stories GameHouse

Heartwarming stories

Get to know Patrick and Emily and other members of the O’mally family. 

Fun and quick game GameHouse

New Match-3 levels

Easy to learn, hard to master. Lots of new challenges in our awesome levels.

Familiar faces and more - GameHouse

Familiar faces and more

Emily is accompanied by other members of the O’Malley family to guarantee her Bed & Breakfast game is spot on. Help them bring the mansion and its surroundings back to its original splendor!

Its free

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A fan favorite game



I don’t usually write reviews for games, but for this game I have to put down my appreciation! This is the BEST cooking game ever made.”

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“I love this app because it is fun, challenging, chock full of different levels and venues, and best of all you can play without pay.”

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“Man do I love the story! it’s basically a movie and it gets me so hooked!”

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Can’t get enough of Emily?

Can't wait to play?Start discovering the Delicious World together with Emily!

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