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A day in the life of Director of Analytics Max

At GameHouse, we have fewer formalities. But we still want to create the best games out there!”

There’s never a dull moment at GameHouse. From nurturing a pre-released game to analyzing and improving games that are live. But what’s it like to work there? We asked Max Mozgovoy, Director of Analytics, working for GameHouse from the city of Eindhoven.

Name: Max Mozgovoy
Function: Director of Analytics
Location: Eindhoven

What do you do?

“I’m working on the analytical processes, infrastructure and the things we do for other studios as analysts. It’s like creating new approaches to extract some new information based on the current data. So we have lots of different high-tech instruments and we are trying to stay on the cutting edge of the analytical industry and analytical science.”  

“So the things we’re doing is a kind of background support for the studios and the central team. Data engineering is essential for extracting relevant data and creating tables, for building new data products and to actually transfer the data from one source to another, and so on. But at the same time, we are trying to understand how the player will behave. Whether some players  will stop playing a game, or what is their probability of buying something, their future value. This is predictive analytics. Those things will affect our strategies of managing the player base, and how we work with the particular players segment. We are basically creating the predictive algorithms using machine learning models that help to foresee a player’s behavior in the future.“

Based on numbers and data, you’re predicting human behavior?

“Exactly. It’s a very very interesting endeavour. It’s something that people are very aware of at the moment, so they try to keep an eye on their data. That’s why now we are trying to keep our data safe, we’re putting security of our individual player behavior profile as the top priority. The analysts are not just gathering the secure data, but also create insights that are valuable for the business, and help create new and more interesting games.” 

What does your day look like?

“We start the day with a standup. It’s actually a web-call, we’re gathering the team, discussing the key tasks and the most important things we are working on. We exchange opinions and try to think along with each other.”

“After that, it depends on the day. It can be a lot of different meetings: one-on-one meetings, calls with providers of analytical tools that we’re using, meetings connected to key tasks, coordinating with the business users, calls with the cloud platform we’re using or even some totally new things that we’re going to use. Every day is different!”

A call interrupts our conversation. After answering, Max laughs and says: “Sorry, well… that’s my day!”  

What gives you the most energy? 

“If I can identify or get closer to our objective. For me, it’s important to have an understanding of how we can make an impact. What are we impacting? What is our personal influence? To have this goal or mission is really important. That’s why when we are doing all this analytical work, I see the mission behind it. We’re trying to reach our goal: to build better games and make our players happier. At the same time, we want to build a good company, build a good team, and even build a great culture.”

How do you stay in touch with your colleagues? 

“Because we have some high tech stuff, we’re guiding a lot of colleagues through the tools, like our Tableau BI system. Also we’re helping colleagues in the studios to get insights on the existing data and player’s behaviour.  Sometimes they need some help to do things there, so we’re trying to help them. It’s like a personal, in-depth training.”

“It’s mostly online, but for example: today everyone from my team went to the office. So we can see each other across the room and discuss things together. It’s not very often, but maybe every two or three weeks that we all come to the office to see each other and discuss things personally.” 

What makes working with your team at GameHouse awesome? 

“I love talking to people, and I love talking to my team, that’s why it’s so awesome. I really enjoy talking to them, exchanging ideas and getting some different perspectives on the tasks that we are working on.”

Do you share this idea that everyone at GameHouse is very close?

“Of course I do! There are lots of informal meetings and great connections. And that’s really cool. Not every company can benefit from that. Some companies are really formal, with strict rules… at GameHouse, we have fewer formalities. But we still want to create the best games and I definitely think of our culture as the key tool to create the next level experience for our players!”

Do you have advice for someone who wants to work at GameHouse?

“In this covid-time, it’s difficult to get to know each other better, but you need to invest your time to get to know your peers. Invest your time to have this kind of informal relationship. Build the relationship, not only within your team but outside of your team as well.”  

Thank you for reading!

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