Storytelling: with great ideas comes great responsibility

Why we create heartfelt and compelling stories at GameHouse

Storytelling is the apple of our eye; we are determined to create the best story-driven games out there. Speaking of apples: in our eyes, a game without a story is like an apple pie without apples – the main ingredient is missing. Sure, it might still tickle your taste buds, but it won’t be near as satisfactory. The same goes for games and storytelling. Storytelling is an art in its own right. It takes a lot to come up with compelling, vivid, and memorable stories. And did you know science has quite a big finger in the (apple) pie as well in terms of storytelling? Enough reason for us to take responsibility when it comes to storytelling. In this blog, we’ll tell you more about it! Let the story unfold…

The power of stories

The art of storytelling is a very powerful tool. Stories tell where we come from and where we are going. A good story connects us, makes us look into the mirror and articulates shared values. Stories define us as human beings. They show who we are, but also who we are not or do not want to be. At GameHouse, we know the power of stories. Every game story we write, every character we create, every song we compose: it’s all aimed at inspiring our players and touching their hearts.

“Stories define us as human beings”

The science behind the art of storytelling

In our unbridled enthusiasm for storytelling, it appears more often than not that powerful stories possess almost magical powers. Stories captivate and bind, and when told well, stories can feel almost lifelike. And there is scientific reasoning for this. Psychologists refer to this with a term called ‘narrative transportation’. In short, this means that good stories have the power to change attitudes, beliefs and behaviors.

For example, if a story has a happy ending, the limbic system is activated. This part of our brains revolves around positive emotions, motivation, and pleasure. When the limbic system is activated, we produce dopamine and oxytocin. We feel optimism, hope, confidence – the same feelings experienced by the characters! We experience it as if we were undergoing the action ourselves.

Sometimes creating compelling stories requires creative brainstorms

Everything starts with story

With stories having such a great – and scientifically proven – impact on us, we feel highly responsible for creating the most compelling and indelible stories possible. Storytelling is the most important aspect of our job; we could not do without it! At Gamehouse, everything starts with story. We aim to create heartfelt experiences through our games. This means we embrace different stories; stories that move, touch and inspire our players!

All stories come to an end…

… including this one. But with every story ending, a new one starts! Will your story be next? We are curious to learn more about you! We are always on the lookout for new talent. Become involved in game development, the characters or even the analytics behind it all! We’ve got a lot of job opportunities for you:

Thank you for reading!

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Let’s join forces to help the people in Ukraine. They need help now, every donation matters! Donate to the initiatives of Help Ukraine Now via this link. #StandWithUkraine

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