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Delicious bed and breakfast
Delicious world
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Delicious world

Delicious World

Join Emily, a young and determined aspiring chef, as she begins her exciting journey to achieve her lifelong dream.
A compelling story baked with the most delicious ingredients:
a spoonful of love, a pinch of friendship and a whole lot of fun!

Appstore: 4,8/5


Playstore: 4,5/5

Its free
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Text Express:
Word Adventure

Join Tilly in her adventure to discover gorgeous places all around the world. Solve challenging word puzzles along the way and make charming new friends. Collect souvenirs and design the train to your own liking. Train your puzzle skills and discover dazzling destinations!

Appstore: 4,9/5


Playstore: 4,6/5

Its free
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Delicious bed and breakfast

Delicious Bed & Breakfast

Fix up your own Bed & Breakfast and become a five star host! Together with Emily and the rest of the O’mally team family, you’ll build, fix, farm… and most importantly: have a lot of fun!

Appstore: 4,6/5


Playstore: 4,5/5

Its free
about gamehouse


Like every game design studio, GameHouse has a story of its own. We’ve gotten through tough times, overcame obstacles and became a better version of ourselves. Every game story we write, every character we create, every song we compose is aimed to inspire you and touch your heart.

Our Values

Put your heart into it

There’s purpose in everything we do

Level Up

Backed up by data, we provide stories that move, touch and inspire our players

Take Control

Empowered by freedom

Better Together

Never solo: everything is a collective effort

Our values
Come write your own story

Come write
your story

Can’t get enough of our stories? Become involved in game development, the characters or even the analytics behind it all! We’ve got a lot of job opportunities for you: